Why We Love Haj And Umrah Packages (And You Should, Too!)

Hello friends, how are you doing today? Well today I’m here to discuss some interesting facts about Hajj and Umrah. As I know you must have some idea about these two terms if you are Islamic brother/sister. But what about others who don’t have much information about it? So I am written this blog for information seekers and for our Islamic brothers. We are Arkan Tours and Travels provide you different holiday packages for Hajj and Umrah. Hajj and Umrah package widely used by our Islamic brothers is and other also. First of all I will discuss whatever services are provided by our travelling agency. We provide you services like North Indian Holiday packages for the north Indian who are living in Mumbai and all over the India. Because as you know our most of Islamic brothers located in north India U.P. Apart from north Indian package we have other interesting packages for peoples all over the Mumbai like

Kashmir Holiday packages, Himachal holidays, Kerala Holidays, Ooty Kodikanal packages, Holiday Maldives, International holidays.

Apart from all these packages we also provide best deal on Visa services and Manpower services in India and outside countries. So if you have desire to enjoy all these holiday packages please visit us on www.arkantoursandtravels.com. For more information please go through our packages tab. As a traveller please write us about your queries in order to get enhancements in the services we provide, and do not forget to share with your family and friends.